Freshers FAQ And Study Resources for IT Jobs Preparation

Fresher’s FAQs during Job hunt: Many fresh candidates get questions and doubts during IT job hunt. You’ll find the questions and answers for clarifications here. Fresher’s FAQs during IT job hunt Object Oriented Programming Object-Oriented Programming book: OOP Concepts Booster This book will give you deep knowledge about OOPs concepts in shortest time possible. SQL […]

Freshers FAQ during IT jobs hunt

Fresher’s FAQs: Many fresh candidates get questions and doubts during IT job hunt. Here you’ll find the questions and answers for clarifications: Q) Can a fresher negotiate salary? Answer: At the fresher level most, companies follow their standard and does not go for negotiation. But, Yes, a fresher can negotiate salary with some supportive reasons. […]

Replace oracle function

Learn how to replace matching string with another string using replace function with example queries. REPLACE function replaces a search string with replacement string. Syntax string_expression-is the string to be replaced. string_pattern– is the string that will be searched for in string_expression. string_replacement(optional)– All occurrences of string_pattern will be replaced with string_replacement in string_expression.If the […]

Placeholder Attribute in HTML

Learn how to write a short hints in the input fields for user understanding when filling any application. Placeholder Attribute in HTML- Placeholder is an attribute that places in the input html tage for example <input placeholder=”text”> text Specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of theinput field Placeholder Describes a short hint […]

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