FRESHER: Learn what Level of OOPs Concepts Separates You From The Crowd in Job Interviews

fresher oops concepts level to stand out

You’ll learn the Level of OOPs Concepts you should gain that separate you from the crowd and make your interview impressive, Is this level expected from a fresher, and How you can achieve it. Even better – it takes little to no time to achieve it.

When I taught this level of skills to freshers, they had an outstanding performance in interviews.

Higher Degree of OOPs Concepts Level:

Merely learning about the definitions of class, object, inheritance, polymorphism, interface, an abstract class, etc., is not enough.

You must have a thorough, crystal-clear knowledge of OOPs concepts; and a complete understanding of their purpose, uses and proper utilization; in order to write a maintainable and flexible, cost-effective quality software.

See below for some specific examples:

  • You need to understand the exact purpose of OOPs components; such as abstract class, interface, method overriding, etc. If you can’t create or extend an object from an abstract class, then what is its purpose etc.
  • If an option occurs to choose between inheritance and encapsulation, you should know what the best option is.
  • If an option occurs to choose between abstract class and an interface, then what is the best option and why? For example:
interface Charger {
	void charge();
abstract class Charger {
	abstract void charge();

You should know why & how to write a flexible and maintainable code:

For example, in the working code below, the Board class’ write method uses the BlueMarker class object. It has a bad code structure and is neither flexible nor maintainable.

class Board {
	public void write(BlueMarker m) {

You should know how OOPs components such as interface and method overriding, etc., provide nicely extendable and flexible code. As well as understanding the consequences of bad code structure.

You should be able to identify the issues in code and make it right:

For example, can you identify the problem with this working code and convert it into a good one?

class Account {
	public double balance;
	public void withdraw () {

You should have clear and definite clarifications of OOPs Concepts:

You may think that the encapsulation concept is just wrapping a field with a method. In fact, this is just an example of encapsulation, not the concept.

The following questions will give you an idea.

•	How can an “interface” or an “abstract class”, be used to aid in improving the degree of abstraction in the design of a class?
•	Are both the concepts of encapsulation and abstraction really related to hiding complexities? Can you justify your answer?


NO, this level of expertise comes with real-time implementation and experience.

But knowing this will makes you stand-out from others in an interview.

Just think…

If IT companies could get industry level or experienced level skills from a fresher – of course they’d hire you!


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