Real Story: How all CSE freshers Got IT job in 5 months

My Real short STORY:

How all freshers got job in 5 months in software field as a developer or tester.

I included all the guidelines in my book “IT Jobs made Easy for freshers” published on Amazon

One thing that has always unsettled me is how fresh graduates struggle to get a job. Whenever I saw them striving for a job, standing in longs queues waiting for interviews, asking for referrals, begging for an interview call, I wondered what I could do to help them get a job quickly.

In my 17+ professional career, I have taken hundreds of interviews of candidates as a technical panel. I understood that at fresher level… it’s difficult for a fresher to know what recruiters and companies are looking for. If they can understand… they can prepare accordingly and can get a job easily on-campus or off-campus in software field.

I thought I should help freshers with my effective ideas, guidelines, and strategies for finding a job in no time.

I thus, for last 7 years, I randomly started requesting fresh graduates on social media if they need free help to get job.

Some candidates joined me majority of not. Because I clarified them that I would not provide job referral but enable them to get automatic interview calls and job in few months.

The candidates who joined me, came up with poor resume, stating they’ve poor communication, low marks, not filling confident, complains of not getting calls, and with many confusions and doubts.

I took it as a challenge to help them find a job in no time. Online, I started providing my tips and strategies to land a job.

I clarified all their doubts and confusion and they started feeling confident. I stayed in touch with them until they received a job offer. Whenever they were attending interviews, I was telling their mistakes and improvements to make.

We got surprising result – All got their jobs in 5 months, and it’s been a RECORD. You can read about some of the candidates in the TABLE given at the bottom of this page.

 In brief, I helped them with the following:

  • Smart strategies to prepare written and technical for job interviews.
  • How to fine-tune resume and cover letters that engage recruiters out of other hundreds of resumes, excite them, and makes them call for an interview.
  • How to gain the confidence to impress any interviewer
  • How to stand out from the crowd with simple and doable activities, so they can land job faster and easier.…In fact, 50+ Practical tips to get jobs in software field as a developer or tester.


Every fresher has the capability, but they struggle to get job because of missing right approach and guidelines.

I was helping people for FREE as a little contribution for my happiness, but due to lack of time and to help maximum people, the candidates themselves suggested me to share these guidelines to the world in the form of book.

So, I published the book “IT Jobs made Easy for Freshers” in 2020 Amazon worldwide. You can also read this book if you are serious about getting a job in software field.

Here’s about result of some of the successful fresh graduates who followed the guidelines.

DeblinaHer belief was that she cannot get a job. But after guidelines she received her offer letter as a developer in 5 months in 2021 with amazing salary.
Pritish SahuAlready trained but highly frustrated of not getting job opportunities. Got job in next 1 month.
Kuheli Dayshe prepared for job in 3 months staying at her hometown, then moved to electronic city and grab a job in 1 month with a great salary. She saved BIG money & time for her staying in the city for job hunt. ( total she took 4 months)
Priyankawas familiar with the subject but she was thinking that due to covid she was not getting job. But got job in 1 month.

Do you also want to grab job in software field On-Campus or Off-Campus? Then you should not make any delay reading this book IT Jobs made Easy for freshers.

Some of them provided feedback on my page.

I don’t tell about the basic tips like dressing well or arriving on time. You know how to do these things on your own. I focus on real tips that make a real difference—the tips that help you land amazing jobs.

NOTE: “Being unemployed decreases the chances of getting hired. So try to get a job faster!”

You can Get your copy of the book IT jobs made Easy for Freshers from Amazon here today itself and start preparation for the software job right way.

Best of luck! -Rakesh. You can ask query if you have at the email [email protected]

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