Freshers FAQ during IT jobs hunt

Fresher’s FAQs: Many fresh candidates get questions and doubts during IT job hunt.

Here you’ll find the questions and answers for clarifications:

Q) Can a fresher negotiate salary?

Answer: At the fresher level most, companies follow their standard and does not go for negotiation. But, Yes, a fresher can negotiate salary with some supportive reasons.

Q) Does the programming language I have learned need a certification to get a job?

Answer: Certification for the programming languages like C++, Java and C# etc. is not required to get a job in the IT industry. But you need to get a good hold on that. Getting a clear concepts and practice would be enough.

NOTE: If you are interested with the technologies like Big data, IoT and Machine Learning etc., then yes, certification helps here.

Q) Is it compulsory to have 60% in 10th, 12th, and graduation to get a job in the IT industry? Or most of the IT companies ask for 60% what should I do?

Answer: Very few companies care for cut-off percentage. Tons of top companies do not look for cut-off percentage but technical skills.

So, you should focus on your job preparation and move ahead.

Q) Does personality matter in an IT company even you are best at coding?

Answer: Personality or physical appearance does not matter to work in an IT organization but your skill set.

Q) If I don’t know the answer to some of the questions, can it be a reason for rejection?

Answer: No, it is ok to miss answer of some of the questions. But it should be noted that if you claim to have a good knowledge on a topic and if you fail to answer initial few questions, maximum chances are that you would be rejected.

If you are performing well and not able to answer some questions, it should be ok.

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