Big-O notations are used to represent Space or Time complexities of algorithms. There’re more notations such as Theta and Omega. But we’ll restrict the discussion to the frequently used Big-O notation. Here are some terminology and complexity in Big-O notations you should keep in mind. BIG-O NOTATIONS – GRAPHICAL – YOU ALREADY KNOW IT If […]

Time complexity of linear search

The time complexity of linear search is O(n).  In the best case its time complexity is O (1). In the linear search, you search an element in a list sequentially until you find that element. For example, Suppose you want to find the element 2 in the given list below. You have to traverse the […]

how to measure method execution time in java

You can measure method execution time in java using the method System.nanoTime() or System.currentTimeMillis(). Put this method before and after the method or piece of code for which you want to measure the running time. Find the difference of the time you got before and after your code. The difference is the running time. Method […]

Love your career growth? 2 Impacting Books for you

OOP Concepts Booster Do you want to master OOP Concepts using Java up to deep level, even it takes Years of Experience? Read More… How IT Jobs Made Easy for Freshers Do you want to Get your Job Faster On-Campus or Off-Campus with Experimented Tips & Strategies? Read More…How it’s possible Author: Rakesh Singh I’m […]

Creating Class and methods – Java OOP Exercise

Java OOP exercise to learn how to create class and methods by reading requirements. Exercise-1: Create a class Dog, that has 3 properties (class fields) breed, age and colour with behaviours (class method) bark and sleep. Exercise-2: There is a car, which has attributes model and price, and the car has functionalities start, stop and […]

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