Freshers FAQ And Study Resources for IT Jobs Preparation

Fresher’s FAQs during Job hunt:

Many fresh candidates get questions and doubts during IT job hunt. You’ll find the questions and answers for clarifications here. Fresher’s FAQs during IT job hunt

Object Oriented Programming

Object-Oriented Programming book: OOP Concepts Booster

This book will give you deep knowledge about OOPs concepts in shortest time possible.

SQL Database

Here are the SQL Database Topics that you should prepare first.

Coding Questions:

If you practice these questions (Frequently asked in real interviews), it’ll give you the confidence for coding round.

fine grained list of Coding questions.


If you are very new to Aptitude, you can follow the book Quantitative Aptitude by R S Aggarwal. And if you have an idea about this subject, you can follow the book Quicker maths by M Tyra for practice.


Puzzles asked in interviews

HR Interview Questions for Freshers:

I feel that these’re important questions you should prepare. There may be tons of questions an HR person can ask ,that I believe you’d be able to answer easily. So nothing to worry.

HR Questions

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