C++ Programming Examples

C++ OOPs: Copy Constructor with Calling and Important Points

Learn copy constructor in C++ with example, 3 scenarios where it is invoked, note and important points. What is Copy Constructor in C++: The copy constructor is a constructor which initializes an object from an existing object of the same class as shown below. Syntax in C++: Considering an example of a Car class, here […]

kilometers to miles in C++

kilometers to miles in C++ with simple conversion formula 1 Kilometers = 0.621 miles. For example: Input: 10 kilometers Output:  6.21 miles Program will use unit formula to convert distance unit kilometers to mile. Example, 10 kilometers = —– miles? Since, 1 km =   0.621 miles hence, 10 km = 10*0.621 = 6.21 miles. C++ […]

C++ map update example

C++ map update – Simple program example to update value in map. To update an existing value in the map, first we will find the value with the given key using map::find() function. If the key exists, then will update it with new value. C++ map update example This example program has a key value […]

C++ string to int conversion – Including Test Cases

C++ string to int conversion with program example and multiple test cases to handle error checking string inputs with examples. Conversion example includes program with and without atoi function. C++ string to int conversion using atoi() function atoi() is the stdlib header file library function. If you are using “using namespace std;” then no need […]

C++ program to reverse sentence without reversing words

Program to reverse sentence without reversing words in C++ with simple algorithms using stack. This algorithm also handles spaces and special characters in the sentence or a given string. TEST CASES: Input: Hello World!!!Output: !!!World Hello Input:    Hello             World           !!!Output: !!!          World             Hello Algorithm: Push spaces and each words in a stack and then pop […]

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