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Boost your chances to get hired in software Industries.

Interview Sansar is an excellent free resource for IT Software Jobs Interview preparation. This website provides  real time interview questions and killer answers in multiple programming languages viz. C, C++, C#, Java, Multi-threading, Java Collection, Design Patterns and many more for freshers and experienced professionals that every interviewer likes in IT industry.

This website is a dedicated source for software jobs interview preparation.


  • To help you prepare for your software jobs interview well in a shortest period of time.
  • Content for freshers and experienced professionals both.
  • Can revise quickly before your any technical interview in very short time.
  • Focus is not to load tons of duplicate interview questions – considering your critical time.
  • Only real unique interview questions with answers and explanation asked. – duplicate questions from multiple interviews eliminated.


  • Only Real Technical/Programming Interview Questions  asked in IT Industries.
  • Technical Interview Questions comprise best answers and notes with extra information.
  • Programming interview Questions with solutions and awesome explanation.
  • Short Interview Questions and Answers.
  • Multiple choice questions with answers for written interview / update skills.
  • Answers are based on real industries software projects / software products uses and experience.