Author : Viswanath A

How to achieve abstraction in C# -oops

Learn how to provide necessary information to the users and hide the unnecessary details using C# programs. The concept of “providing necessary details to the clients/users and hiding the unnecessary details” is called Abstraction. As an example consider a login page where username and password is enough for the users. so, only username and password […]

What is Encapsulation in C# – Best Answer

Answer includes concept of encapsulation in C# oops with various C# encapsulation examples with programs. Answer:Encapsulation in C# is one of the oops principles that is used for hiding complexities in programs. NOTE: Many candidates answer to this interview question “What is encapsulation in C#” like wrapping the class member fields into a method as […]

NULL vs Empty string in oracle

Learn about NULL value and an empty string behavior in oracle database with example queries. NULL means no-value(nothing). An empty string(”) treated as NULL value Let’s create a table suppliers_tbl with the following table definition. Next, we’ll insert following records into this table. The first statement inserts a record with a supplier_name that is null, […]

Pseudo columns in Oracle

Learn about the logical columns that exists in oracle database with example queries. Pseudo columns are nothing but logical columns which behaves like a physical columns in database. Means Pseudo columns behaves like a table columns but is not actually stored in the table. You can select from pseudo-columns, but you cannot insert, update, or […]

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