Linux Multiple Choice Questions – Best Linux MCQs

Linux multiple choice questions for interview and Linux exams preparation. Most of the Linux MCQs are asked in the interviews and they have answers and explanations. Q) Core of Linux operating system is Kernel Shell Terminal Command Answer: 1 The kernel is the core of the system and manages the CPU, memory, and peripheral devices. […]

MCQs – C++ Virtual Concepts

MCQ on virtual function, VPTR, VTABLE and destructors etc. for interview exams preparation. These multiple-choice questions on virtual concepts contain the answer and explanation. Q) Which concept is not available in C++? Virtual constructor Virtual destructor Virtual function Virtual Table Answer: 1There is no concept of virtual constructor in C++ programming. Read why virtual constructor […]

MCQs – C++ Polymorphism

Q) Compile time polymorphism in C++ language are Operator overloading Function overloading Function overriding B Only A & B Answer: 5 Q) C++ abstract class can contain Pure virtual function Non-virtual function Only pure virtual function Both pure virtual and non-virtual function Answer: 4 Q) False statements about function overloading is Defining multiple functions with […]

MCQs – C++ OOPs

Q) The OOPs concept in C++, exposing only necessary information to users or clients is known as Abstraction Encapsulation Data hiding Hiding complexity Answer: 1 Q) Which of the following is an abstract data type? Class Int String Double Answer: 1 Q) Hiding the complexity is known as Abstraction Encapsulation Data hiding Composition Answer: 2 […]

MCQs – C++ Inheritance

C++ inheritance mcq with answers and explanation. 50% of the objective questions are asked in interviews and rest are to cover C++ inheritance concepts. Q)base class and derived class relationship comes under Inheritance Polymorphism encapsulation None Answer : 1 Explanation: Base class and derived class come under inheritance, one of the C++ oops principle. Also, […]

MCQs – C++ functions

Q) In C++ code , variables can be passed to a function by Pass by value Pass by reference Pass by pointer All the above Answer: 4In C++ programming, all pass by value, reference and pointer are used. Note that pass by reference in C Programming language is not available. However, sometimes people use the […]

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