SQL Database Topics for Freshers IT Job Preparation

Here is the SQL database fine blended topics list for freshers that must be prepared for your first IT Job interviews preparation.

This list is taken from the book “IT Jobs Made Easy For Freshers” by Rakesh Singh.


Database: create, drop

Table: Create, drop, insert, update, select, delete, alias, re-name and truncate.

Constraints: Not, Null, Unique, Default, Check Primary Key and Foreign Key – very important

Altering table: add a column, drop a column, and rename a column.

Aggregate functions: Count, Max, Min, Sum and Average etc.

SQL statements: Distinct, Order by, Group by, Where, Having, Logical Operators – AND, OR and NOT, IN, NOT IN, BETWEEN., EXISTS AND NOT EXISTS, LIKE AND WILD CARDS, SQL SUB QUERY, SELECT INTO.

Joins: Inner, Left, Right, Full and Self Join

Difference Between SQL statements: Where Vs Having, Primary key Vs Unique Key, Function Vs Stored Procedure, Delete Vs Truncate Vs Drop, Union Vs Union All.

Commands: DDL, DML, TCL, DCL

ACID properties, 1 NF (normal form), 2 NF, 3NF

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