IT Jobs Made Easy for Freshers – Get Hired Easily with Experimented tips and Strategies

Want to beat your Competitors and get your IT JOB Offer EASILY On-Campus or Off-Campus?

Learn what recruiters look for, build your resume that engage them , learn written and technical subjects strategies for faster interview preparation, Activities to do in interviews, after interviews and much more. 50+ experimented tips and guidelines that make you stand out and get your dream job faster as a developer or tester with the book “IT JOBS MADE EASY FOR FREHSERS”. – GET YOUR COPY HERE .

You can read my EXPERIMENT BELOW.

IT Jobs Made Easy For Freshers

My Experiments with CSE Students and fresh graduates to get a JOB

In my 17+ years software professional career I’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates as technical panel. I know what freshers make mistakes. 7 years ago…I decided to help fresh graduates, so I sought on social media. Many came up with complaints that for freshers, there’s no interview calls, no job opportunities, huge competition etc. BUT…

When I started providing my effective ideas, guidelines, and strategies , ALL GOT JOB IN 5 MONTHS – It’s a RECORD.

In my experiments, I FOUND THAT…

It’s NOT YOUR CAPABILITY, but your right approach and preparation help you land your job faster. Even poor communication and low marks are not a hurdle to get a job.

To avoid delay and frustration, would you love to start preparation to get your dream job with right approach?


1) What recruiters, organizations, and job portals are looking for, and accordingly you will act to get job faster.

2) How to fine-tune your resume and cover letters that engage recruiters out of other hundreds of resumes, excite them, and makes them call you for an interview.

3) What to take care during interviews and after interviews. So, you can make your interview impressing and not waste your valuable time respectively.

3) What to study, how much to study for your technical interviews and written test strategies etc. that’ll help you prepared in less time.

4) How to make yourself stand out from the crowd with simple and doable activities, so you can land your job faster and easier.

5) There are more in fact…50+ Practical tips to help you get jobs in the IT industry in record time

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About the Author

Author Rakesh

Rakesh is a highly experienced(17+ years) software professional and has taken tons of interviews of freshers and experienced candidates as a technical panel in the hiring process and given quality candidates to IT companies.

He is also coding lover having decade years of experience and passionate about designing and developing quality software. He has designed and developed many top industry products.

He wrote another impacting book for your Career Growth: “OOP Concepts Booster

Here’s My Real STORY, That’ll Give you a fair Idea.

For years I have been experimenting to discover how a fresh graduate can get a job in the shortest time possible.

One thing that has always unsettled me is how fresh graduates struggle to get a job. Whenever I saw them striving for a job, standing in longs queues waiting for interviews, asking for referrals, begging for an interview call, I wondered what I could do to help them get a job quickly. I asked myself why it was so difficult for a fresh graduate to land a job. Was there really an undue competition for entry-level positions in the IT industry?

Indeed, the workforce does not welcome fresh graduates; firms these days seem to care only about the experience and nothing else appears to matter. This breaks my heart as I know that many fresh graduates are talented and just need the right guidance to shine.

I thought I should experiment with my effective ideas, guidelines, and strategies for finding a job in no time. I thus randomly selected a number of fresh graduates on social media who were looking for a job and decided to work with them and see them through until they were gainfully employed. I also made the acquaintance of some final-year students learn about how they could get a job and be well prepared as soon as they got their degree.

Using Skype, I provided them with tips and strategies to land a job, staying in touch with them until they received a job offer. A few months later, they were all gainfully employed in the IT industry, earning a handsome salary, in an admirable position.

From then on, I decided to share my tips and strategies with other fresh graduates who want the same thing — their dream job in their dream firm. This book contains all my strategies to get you employed quickly even as a fresh graduate.

In brief, with IT jobs Made Easy for Freshers, you’ll learn:

  • 50+ Practical tips to help you get jobs in the IT industry in record time
  • Smart strategies to help you prepare for job interviews
  • Actionable tactics to get more interview calls
  • How to fine-tune CVs and cover letters to get noticed
  • How to gain the confidence to impress any interviewer

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