10 HR interview questions for freshers – Learn Effective Tips

HR interview questions for freshers that he should prepare before attending job interviews to make the answer impressive. Hint and guideline has been provided to answer them better. These are the questions that are asked in HR interviews, but, they are also asked by technical interview panels or manager of the company. These questions are taken from real interviews in the company that is asked to freshers candidate.

HR interview questions for freshers:

  1. Tell me about yourself

Hint: This is generally an interview start up question. In your answer, you should include your educational and skills information what you know. What project you have done and what was your role in the project. Describe your area of interest etc.

NOTE: Please don’t include your family background information e.g. I have 2 brothers and 1 sisters. We live in xyz city and my father is doing job etc. We should not include family background information when you are introducing yourself. But, if specifically, it is asked then you should describe.

  1. Tell me about your strength and weakness.

Hint: This is one of the most difficult HR interview questions for freshers and people find difficulties answering it. Generally, it is easy to tell the strengths. But, telling the weakness are difficult part. Many people think that if we accept weakness then we can be rejected. but, this is not true. In fact, it will impress the interviewer that you accept your weakness / mistakes and improve it. Note that nobody is perfect and have weakness. This is 100% truth that if we don’t accept our weakness, then we can never improve.

Recommended to create a list of your strength and weakness. And, mention that how you are going to improve it. As a note: whenever you are telling the weakness, never forget to include how you are going to improve it.

  1. What are your hobbies?

Hint: No special hint.

  1. Have you taken any training before to update your skills? If yes from where?

Hint: If you have taken any training then answer it. Note that this question cannot be the reason for rejection if you have not taken, but, just it adds extra advantage. Within an hour you can perform well in the interviews but, it just adds a little bit more technical trust as everything cannot be extracted from you within a few hours.

Note: If you have not taken training but you are good at your skills. Don’t worry.

  1. What are your favorite websites?

Hint: Generally, this question is asked to know your interest and what action you take for your interested area. It could be a technical or non-technical website. Or you might be following the website to improve something may be skills set or communication etc.

  1. Can you work on weekends or extra hours?

Hint: Just for the sake of getting a job don’t answer simply Yes. But, it is better to show the responsibilities. You can say that you would not like to work on weekends but if some urgency is there, may be in product/ project delivery to meet deadlines etc., surely you will be working on weekends or on weekdays for the sake of completion of task you can stretch yourself. But, this cannot be the daily routine. You need weekends holiday to relax, spend time with your family etc. Or you may have some personal work to complete, update your skills, training etc. All about is work life balance that is important to be productive in the organization.

  1. If you are hired then how long would you stay here?

Hint: We should honestly answer this question. Some people answer that they will stay forever in the company to just get the job. Think yourself if it is true that really you are going to stay forever. Better answer you can give that I will stay here as long as I see the career growth (Learning + work + salary) and have good relationship with the organization.

  1. What do you know about company?

Hint: This question is asked to know that if you know about the company where you want to work or interested to work. Many freshers think that we just need a job to start a career and no need to know about your company. In fact, interviewer try to evaluate how long you are going to stay here. If the company does not work in you interested area, then more likely you will quit/ switch the job after some time. For example, you have done engineering in Computer Science and interested with software developer environment, but, got a job in a BPO. Then surely, you are going to quick after some time as soon as you get a chance in a software developer company.

Recommended to visit the respective company websites and try to know about them what do they do. What kind of company is this etc. Read more on the section About, Products, Technology and services etc.

  1. What are your salary expectation?

Hint: Generally, at a fresher’s level, most of the company has a standard salary structure. However, they ask if some figure is in your mind. Accordingly, they may adjust the salary in some form if they wish or depending upon some factors, that we cannot know. But not necessarily.

Recommend telling your reasonable figure with some valid reasons, for example, this is costly city or you are paying loan for your education etc. Don’t bother if you are going to get that. The HR will look into it and act accordingly.

  1. Do you have any question for me?

Hint: I have seen that many candidates ask that how was my interview? or let me know if I am selected etc. Also, if they feel that their technical interview was good then they will ask that when will we get the result etc.

Recommended not to ask these kinds of questions to interviewers. In fact, you can ask on what technologies they work, about their ongoing projects or if they can brief about their company etc.

I have also given list of behavioral / HR interview questions for experienced candidates

Again, these 10 HR interview questions for freshers must be prepared to make your answer impressive. The number 1st and 10th points i.e. tell me something about yourself and do you have any question for me are most frequently asked interview question in face to face technical rounds.