Test Your Skills in OOPs Concepts with JAVA and Master Quickly

#1 Reason that destroy your growth and work life balance is not having a crystal-clear understanding and writing working code without efficient use of OOP features.

Get strong hold on object-oriented programming concepts in no time with the new book OOP Concepts Booster.


Q-1– Encapsulation concept is—–( Don’t say wrapping of data with methods in a single unit. It’s an example)

Q-2 – Write 4 uses of Inheritance. 1)——-, 2)———–, 3)——-, 4)——–

Q-3 – The below working code writes something on a board with blue Marker.  – What can be the issue in real time?

class Board {
	public void write(BlueMarker m) {

Q-4) This original version of the switch interface is distributed to many clients.

interface Switch {
 void on();
 void off(); 

How would you update the update the Switch interface with a newer version that contains a LED light setting specification too i.e. “void setLed();”, so that the existing client does not break?

More object-oriented programming Conceptual Questions taken from the book OOP Concepts Booster.

  • How can an “interface” or an “abstract class”, be used to aid in improving the degree of abstraction in the design of a class?
  • Are both the concepts of encapsulation and abstraction really related to hiding complexities? Can you Justify your answer?
  • If we can’t create an object of an abstract class, then what is its purpose? What can be the scenarios of uses?
  • Both the composition and aggregation follow the Has-A relationship, then how are they different? Which one should you choose when?
  • How can inheritance break the client code, but composition cannot? Illustrate the scenario example of this.


Mastering and getting hold on it means, you know purpose, uses, proper utilization of OOP components in an application.

After 16 years, Rakesh wrote the book OOP Concepts Booster with the rule – No complex theory, No complex code! Only practical, and To the point, to give you FASTER and DEEPER learning experience.

It takes QUICK NOTES & Q&A Approach” with practical real-time example and simplest code to cover all OO Concepts to help you grab concepts EASILY, and stop your mind raising maximum of the Doubts and Confusions.

Here’s how this book helps:

  • Gain clarity on OOP complexities
  • Learn to leverage advanced OOP concepts to effectively build high-quality software.
  • Write more maintainable and flexible code by adapting different OOP features.
  • Enables COLLEGE students and FRESHERS to get industry-level knowledge in no time.
  • Makes JOB SEEKER interviews surprisingly impressive.

This book is a must for any aspirational developer with an interest in grabbing excellent hold on OOP concepts and write quality code.

Your time is precious! So, don’t wait and start mastering OOP concepts now?

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OOP Concepts Booster Book
Test Your Skills in OOPs Concepts with JAVA and Master Quickly
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