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Jooble’s mission is to help people find work The company is constantly working to ensure that the employment process is as comfortable and fast as possible, for both the applicant and the employer. Jooble is a LinkedIn and Google global partner whose technologies assist people find work. Every day, Jooble brings together over 250,000 resources […]

Distance between two points in java

2 methods to calculate distance between two points in java with code example. 1- Using formula. 2- Using a Point class objects. Distance between two points using formula We know that the distance between two points (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) on a flat surface is as below. That we’ll use in the java program to find […]

Extract Numbers from String – Java

Java code to extract digits or numbers from a string with logic and explanation. We’ll use 2 methods: (1) using regex expression with replaceAll method of String object, and (2) using loop and ascii values of characters. Extract Numbers from String using regex Logic: Use the regular expression [^0-9] to find non-integer characters in the […]

Test Your Skills in OOPs Concepts with JAVA and Master Quickly

#1 Reason that destroy your growth and work life balance is not having a crystal-clear understanding and writing working code without efficient use of OOP features. Get strong hold on object-oriented programming concepts in no time with the new book OOP Concepts Booster. TEST YOUR OOP CONCEPTS LEVEL Q-1– Encapsulation concept is—–( Don’t say wrapping […]

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