Freshers FAQ And Study Resources for IT Jobs Preparation

Fresher’s FAQs during Job hunt: Many fresh candidates get questions and doubts during IT job hunt. You’ll find the questions and answers for clarifications here. Fresher’s FAQs during IT job hunt Object Oriented Programming Object-Oriented Programming book: OOP Concepts Booster This book will give you deep knowledge about OOPs concepts in shortest time possible. SQL […]

Freshers FAQ during IT jobs hunt

Fresher’s FAQs: Many fresh candidates get questions and doubts during IT job hunt. Here you’ll find the questions and answers for clarifications: Q) Can a fresher negotiate salary? Answer: At the fresher level most, companies follow their standard and does not go for negotiation. But, Yes, a fresher can negotiate salary with some supportive reasons. […]

IT Jobs Made Easy for Freshers – Get Hired Easily with Experimented tips and Strategies

Want to beat your Competitors and get your IT JOB Offer EASILY On-Campus or Off-Campus? Learn what recruiters look for, build your resume that engage them , learn written and technical subjects strategies for faster interview preparation, Activities to do in interviews, after interviews and much more. 50+ experimented tips and guidelines that make you […]

Fine Grained List of Coding Questions

This is the fine-grained list of coding problems to jump start with the coding questions and get confidence in writing algorithms and learning data structures and algorithms. As per experience, the right way to learn data structures and algorithms is through solving a coding problem. Start solving the coding problems and learn the data structure […]

What is Encapsulation in C# – Best Answer

Answer includes concept of encapsulation in C# oops with various C# encapsulation examples with programs. Answer:Encapsulation in C# is one of the oops principles that is used for hiding complexities in programs. NOTE: Many candidates answer to this interview question “What is encapsulation in C#” like wrapping the class member fields into a method as […]

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