C# Programming Examples

Anagram program in C Sharp

Anagrams-Two strings are said to be Anagrams of each other if they share the same set of letters to form the respective strings.for example: Dog->god, seat->eats.. Input Please Enter the First StringviswanathPlease Enter Second Stringnathviswa OutputStrings Viswanath and nathviswa are Anagrams Algorithm: step 1:convert two strings into character arrays with Lower case or Upper case. […]

Synchronous and Asynchronous Threads in C sharp

Synchronous and Asynchronous Threads in C # – Learn how to executes tasks  parallel to minimize the execution time using multithreading. Work or code task always executed in 2 ways1. Synchronous2. Asynchronous Synchronous way means where multiple jobs executed one after another. dependency on another work completion is more in synchronous way.work1–>work2–>…. This is also […]

convert each alternate character of a string to uppercase and lowercase in C sharp

Convert each alternate character of a string to uppercase and lowercase in c#- Learn how to convert alternate letter in a string to upper and lowercase with  example program. For example input string is  VISWANATH, After converting the alternate letters to uppercase and lowercase , Then output of the  input string is  vIsWaNaTh Another Example, […]

Need of Thread in C Sharp

Need of Thread in C# – Learn about process and thread behaviours with explanation and example programs. Before going to learn about thread concept, we will learn about how a process works? Process Program under execution with the operating system instructions is called a process. Each process assigned with separate copy of memory for its […]

Creating a Thread in C Sharp

Creating a Thread in C#- Learn what is a thread? and how to create a thread with Explanation and Example programs. Thread– thread is a light weight process that executes the program independently. Thread able to run the program simultaneously with other threads. Multi threading – running more than one thread simultaneously to execute the […]

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