What is ping command in networking?

Answer: Ping command in networking is a frequently used command to test if an IP Address or domain name exist in the network.

Ping is a tool, a software utility that is used to verify that a particular IP address e.g “” or domain name e.g. “interviewsansar.com” exist into the network and can accept requests.

Ping software uses ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) protocol. It sends request messages to a target network address at periodic intervals and measure the time it takes for a response message to arrive.

[ICMP is a message control and error-reporting protocol between a host server and a gateway to the internet]

It is frequently used for troubleshooting to test host connectivity in the network and determine response time.

If you fire the ping command, and computers are in network, you will see the response as given below.

What is ping command in networking?

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