C++ Programming

Pointers and References – C++ programming interview questions

C ++ programming interview questions on pointers, references and memory with answers and explanations. This list contains conceptual and tricky coding / output questions on pointers in c ++.  These questions are real programming / quiz asked in software industries to freshers  and experienced professionals in technical interviews that we should practice. Topics – Pointer, […]

Copy Constructor – C++ Programming Questions and answers

C++ tricky and conceptual programming questions and answers with explanation asked in technical interviews. Topic – Copy Constructor, Assignment Operator. Q – How many times Copy constructor would get called on below function call? Answer: 0, No copy constructor will be called on this function call. Explanation: At line 1- The fun function receive parameter […]

Constructor Destructor – C++ Programming Interview Questions

C++ tricky and conceptual programming interview questions  and answers on constructor and destructor with explanation asked in technical interviews. Topic – Constructor and Destructor Q-In below class, write a constructor to initialize const data member. Answer: To initialize a const data member we need to use initializer list in the class constructor. We can not […]

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